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Based in and around the Magherafelt area of Mid Ulster I've been servicing all types of domestic boiler for many years. I also undertake commissioning and warranty validation on new systems on behalf of all major manufacturers.

I value cusomer service, I am both reliable and local. I don't do unnecessary work. I am fully insured and I am Oftec Trained. (Oftec is the Oil Heating Industries professional Body.)



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1. Full Service

The full service includes changing the oil nozzle, removing the baffles from the blast chamber and fully cleaning all the surfaces in the heat exchanger. I use Duel X cleaning and protective solution to both clean and protect the heat exchanger and this will dramatically improve the efficiency of the boiler. Finally I will balance the oil burner using state of the art Flue Gas Analysis equipment to make sure that the oil burner is running at maximum efficiency.

The combination of the new nozzle, the thorough clean, the use of Duel X and the balancing of the oil burner will make the boiler / oil burner between 10-12% more efficient. (this is a conservative estimate based on industry research). In most normal sized homes the service and the resultant increase in efficiency will pay for itself within a matter of months.


I operate a callout service for oil boiler breakdowns. I carry an extensive range of spare parts in my van for all the major boiler manufacturers and I can usually get your oil burner going without having to order parts. I carry diagnostic equipment and I am experienced technician which allows me to diagnose and fix faults quickly.

Generally I operate from 09:00 – 20:00 during the week and 09:00 – 17:00 on Saturday. However I will respond outside those hours if there is a genuine emergency, i.e. you have very young children or vulnerable adults at your address. It is also important to state that I do not charge a call out fee.


I undertake Commissioning or warranty validation for all the major boiler manufacturers. When you have a new oil boiler fitted you must have it commissioned by a suitably trained technician to validate the warranty. I will make sure that the installation is up to the required standards. I will then set up the oil burner so that it is operating at the maximum efficiency using state of the art Flue Gas Analysis equipment.

I will then complete the boiler passport and register the boiler with the manufacturer. This validates your warranty and or manufacturers guarantee

Area Covered

  • Mid Ulster
  • Magherafelt
  • Limavady
  • Ballymena
  • Cookstown

Five reasons why you should have an oil fired boiler regularly serviced.

1. Efficiency

Over time, as part of the combustion process, oxidants and soot builds up on the surfaces of your boiler’s heat exchanger. This effectively insulates the heat exchanger and prevents the heat from your oil burner being efficiently transferred to the water in your boiler. The longer this is allowed to build up the more inefficient your boiler becomes. The cleaning of the heat exchanger surfaces and the proper balancing of the oil burner can increase the efficiency of your boiler by 10-12%. In most households this means the cost of the service is recovered in saved fuel within a matter of months.

2. Oil Nozzle

The oil nozzle at the front of your oil burner is critical to the efficient running of your boiler. As the nozzle starts to wear it becomes less effective at atomising the oil passing through it. Poorly atomised oil doesn’t burn efficiently. A worn nozzle uses substantially more oil to produce the same heat as a new one. In addition the poor combustion from a worn nozzle can increase the soot deposits on the inside of the boiler which again reduces the overall efficiency of the boiler. The oil nozzle should be replaced annually.

3. Modern Condensing Boilers

Modern condensing boilers, i.e. any boiler less than 10 years old, must be serviced annually. As part of the combustion process condensing boilers produce an acidic condensate inside the heat exchanger. This flows into a condensate trap and is safely removed from the boiler. The condensate traps are prone to blocking if they are not serviced regularly. Once the trap blocks the condensate can not escape the heat exchanger and builds up inside the boiler. This dramatically reduces the efficiency of the boiler and can very quickly do long term or fatal damage to the boiler casing and water jacket.

4. Manufacturer’s Warranty /Guarantee

All major manufacturers offer warranties on their boilers. This is normally 2 years on the Oil burner and 5 years on the boiler and water jacket. This guarantee must be validated when the boiler is commissioned by a suitably trained technician. In addition the boiler must be serviced annually by a suitably trained technician as a condition of the guarantee. Every time I service your condensing boiler I will fill out the boiler passport which is a record of the service history for the boiler. If there is a problem with your new boiler the first thing the manufacturer will want to see is a properly completed boiler passport.

5. Proper Servicing Helps Prevents Breakdowns.

Sounds simple and in fairness it isn’t rocket science. A good annual service prevents boiler breakdowns. I have lost count of the number of times I have been able to rectify a simple fault at a service that, if left unchecked, would have very quickly led to a breakdown. This ranges from poor combustion that would quickly cause a boiler to soot up and breakdown to a partially blocked oil filter that would eventually cause the oil pump to fail. Boiler breakdowns are both expensive and inconvenient. A regular service will not prevent all breakdowns but in my opinion it will help to prevent obvious and unnecessary problems.

Full range of Nozzles and Boiler Spares available in my eBay Shop

In my eBay shop I stock a comprehensive range of Oil Burner Nozzles of all sizes and angles. This includes Danfoss and Delavan Nozzles. I also stock a number of rare sized nozzles that are particularly hard to source.

In addition I also stock a range of Oil Boiler spares including Pumps, Control Boxes, Photo Electric Cells and Electric Motors for a range of Boilers and Burners.

I also stock the rubber door seals for Warmflow burners. In addition I stock a range of Danfoss Heating Controls including Timers, Thermostats , Actuators and Valves and Programmable Clocks.

I also stock a range of Danfoss Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV's) and again I stock some TRV's that are very hard to source.

  • Had a problem, a quick telephone call to Green Burn and Chris turned up as fast as he could, a speedy diagnosis and a very clean fix and we were up and running.

  • I asked Chris to look at a problem a previous plumbers had failed to fix. Chris immediately identified the issue and fixed it.

  • Fantastic service. Thoroughly professional and very competitive rates. Chris’s attention to detail is ‘second to none’. He always leaves his work area clean.

Emergency Callouts Available

For emergency Service or Breakdowns
contact Chris on 07788205303.



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